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I’ve just seen an advert for, what seems to me, the most idiotic of services offered on television. Called carspotter, you can text/sms the registration to a specific number and get a text message back with, according to the website, “…the make and model plus colour, year of manufacture, month of registration, number of previous owners, the car’s price new and an estimate of its current price”. Followed by a second text with further information.

It’s not that I can’t see the benefits of getting these details, but I can’t see the legal market. If you’re a car nut, you probably spot the mistakes in the messages received and if you looking at buying it, the person on-hand or the website would state the information. And who walks down the street, sees a car and thinks to themselves, “I wonder what that car’s worth?”

A car thief! If you were looking at stealing a car, this is a great way of maximizing the benefits from breaking the law. Spend 1 pound 50 and choose the car worth several under pounds more. Money well spent. He the site even knows it! It states under its disclaimer “CarSpotter cannot be held liable for the information you receive and the decisions you make based on it”.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure whoever set this business up thinks it’s a good idea and has the best intentions, but this is a system ready to be abused.

What do you think?


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