Looking for Group

August 6, 2009 at 18:43 (Web) (, , , , )

For those of you that Webcomics and such then I would differently recommend Looking for Group. It’s a fantasy based comic in keeping with Warcraft, World of Warcracft for those of you who have only played the online game and not the classic strategy game.

Anyway, the story line is entertaining, involving (mainly) an elf and his quest, with a range of ‘sidekicks’ including a funny undead warlock. Err… funny as in what he does in the strip, not an undead warlock telling jokes (although everyone now and again). I must admit the writers are a witty bunch and deserve full credit for maintaining the humour and keeping the storyline going.

They even brought out a musical that is very watchable and reminds of cartoons from when I was a kid, the colours and graphics, not so much the characters. Ok I’m rambling, sorry about that, but enjoy the video and leave a comment if it made you laugh.


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