El Choco restaurant Fuengirola

August 17, 2009 at 18:39 (fuengirola) (, , , , )

Guess what I’m going to talk about? That’s right “El Choco” a restaurant here in Fuengirola, more specifically in the area called Los Boliches. Located just behind the Yaramar hotel on the corner of Calle de Fransisco Cano) I would definitely recommend this restaurant for anyone who wants to enjoy a wide range of fish dishes prepared in a local way.

I really enjoyed eating there. The place was nice and bright and filled with Spanish locals and tourists. As far as I could tell I was the only foreigner in the place. Could seat just over 100 people inside either in the smoking or non-smoking section (surprising) and about 20 outside. The place was heaving! All large families or groups of friends talking and laughing.

I was not too impressed with the prices at first and between us we (there on a business meeting) ordered 3 dishes. I was not impressed with the prices. Not at first anyway! The portions were large! We had Bacalao (fish, no idea what in English), Calamares (easier: squid) and Russian salad. Quite adventurous for me. Don’t judge! I was there wasn’t I??
Oh and Beer, must not forget the beer!

Anyway these shared dishes and beer went down a treat, and it only came to 18 Euros. That’s 9 Euros a head and it left me stuffed. I kid you not, I did not eat again to the next day!

So if you’re in Fuengirola and want to get away from you sea-front restaurants and go for something more aimed at a Spanish palette (yay for synonyms) then definitely try El Choco.


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