Pet tourist peeves

August 19, 2009 at 20:04 (fuengirola) (, , )

I’m a bit wasted at the moment so I thought I’d write down a list of pet peeves against tourists when they are here on holiday. Just a few things that I have been noted here in Fuengirola and across the Costa del Sol.

1.    Union Jack t-shirts or shorts are NOT the height of fashion. Stop it you look like a twat.
1.A    For the Norwegians, Sandals and socks… Honestly?

2.     Walking around topless. Is it really so bad? Mmm case by case basis really. You know if you should or shouldn’t!
3.    shopping topless. Now come on, no-one wants fat half-naked men walking around the food section.

4.    Talking about someone who just walking passed to your friend, loudly, in your own language and don’t expect others to understand.

5.    You don’t need to buy from every looki looki (street vendors, fake gear) that approaches you. If you see something you want haggle a bit. Their decent lot, so no-thank you will get rid of them

6.    Don’t be an asshole towards to look lookis. They’re just trying to earn some money.

7.    Don’t assume the horses/donkey for local rides (burro taxis, etc…) are mistreated.

8.    Local food won’t poison you and your family.

9    If you stop to ask for directions, try in Spanish, then English. Or ask if they speak English or Inglese.

10.    You’re here for a week. No need to look like a lobster by day 2. Moderation is good.

11.    Sun Tan cream is your friend.

That’s it for now. If you have any suggestions just add below.


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