Four people lose their lives on the roads

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In a matter of hours four people have died in three road accidents in Malaga city, Vélez-Málaga and Coín.

In the early hours of this morning a 26 year old man and a 19 year old woman died when the moped they were travelling on skidded and collided with a brick structure in Malaga city’s Paseo de los Curas, according to the 112 emergency services.

Also in the early hours, another motorcyclist died in Malaga’s Clínico Universitario Hospital. The 19 year old man had fallen off his vehicle onto the other side of the road and been run over by a four by four vehicle that couldn’t brake in time. The accident happened at around 20.45 last night at kilometre 54,500 of the A-366 Marbella Ronda road in the municipality of Coín.

The latest accident happened at 10.10 this morning in Vélez-Málaga. A 42 year old man died after his car came off the A-7 motorway at kilometre 268 and burst into flames, 112 emergency services reported. Civil Guards, Malaga Local Police and fire fighting and medical services were quick to the scene but they couldn’t do anything to help the man who had burned to death trapped inside his car.


Over the most tragic weekend of the year so far 31 people lost their lives on Spain’s roads in 24 fatal accidents. 27 people were injured. Because of the 15th August public holiday on Saturday more people (4,888,000) were on the move than the 4,725,0000 Traffic Department (DGT) expected. Ten of the road victims were motorcyclists and 15 died when the vehicles they were travelling in came off the road and 12 in collisions. The worst day was the public holiday itself when 18 people died.

One of the weekend’s victims was a 74 year old man from Mijas who was killed in a head on collision in Cordoba. His 71 year old wife is in a critical condition in hospital. The couple’s car crashed into an oncoming vehicle on the A-318 road in Cabra. The 39 year old driver of the other vehicle, a Seprona officer, died in the impact.

Source: Sur in English


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