Junta hits back

August 20, 2009 at 10:34 (fuengirola, News) (, , )

ANDALUCIA´s environmental advisor has pledged to protect the region´s coastline following a damning report by Greenpeace.
Despite the highly-critical evaluation Cinta Castillo confirmed that the Junta is prepared to do “whatever it takes” to preserve the endangered area.

Greenpeace highlighted the various threats posed by the heavy urbanisation and subsequent contamination of the coastline in its assessment titled ´Destruction at all Coasts´.

The damaging report revealed that the exploitation of the coast has not slowed despite the onslaught of the recession.

However, a wounded Castillo moved quickly to highlight the positives and pointed out that every beach on the Huelva coast now has a blue flag.

Castillo emphasised that one in every three kilometres of coastline is environmentally protected and that, overall, the coast is “in a good state”.

She insisted that the mistakes of the past would not be repeated again because of the coast´s importance, not just for tourism, but also environmentally.

The exploitation of the coast has not slowed despite the onslaught of the recession.

Greenpeace’s evaluation stressed the importance of an integrated strategy by which all government departments take an active role in ensuring the continued protection of the coast.

According to the report’s findings, a huge 18 out of 32 protected areas are under threat – with the illegal hotel El Algarrobico picked out as an example of the continuing malpractices.

Despite the Ley de Costas coastal law stating that all construction should take place at least 100 metres from the beach, the hotel was allowed to be built a mere 14 metres away.

Source: The Olive Press


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