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Just found a local blog that made me laugh my ass off. Some bloke going by the Wolfgangbrand is bollocking some local estate agency sites that in his words are “shit”. Fair play to him I say! He seems to know what he’s talking about and although there might be a bit of a vendetta against some of these sites, he definitely does not pull any punches while explaining exactly while they are shit website.

It does make for interesting reading though, and the clever sod even throws in a free link to them. Can’t argue with that can you? He stay away from how good or bad they are as agencies, but concentrates on how poorly they market themselves via their website. And let’s be honest, web marketing and all that is very important in this day and age. Especially considering the agencies he’s bollocking don’t even seem to have the sense to market themselves to the Spanish. The sites are generally in English, so are competing with the millions of other estate agencies out there doing the same thing.

More power to you Wolfgangbrand, keep on pointing out these shit websites and maybe in the future these people, costabarsspain, Diamond Commercials will have the sense of mind to invest a bit of time and effort into improving their online presence. Although looking into my crystal ball it does not appear they will be using your services.

For those who want to have a look go to



  1. wolfgangbrand said,

    Hi You

    Thanks for the article.

    I actually believe that if those people whos website I am critisizing take such critisism on board, they would improve their website and hence should be greatful i pointed out what they are doing wrong.

    Unfortunatelly, their EGO is more important to them then their web presence.

    Wolfgang Brand

    • Fuengirola said,


      that’s like telling your wife does in fact look fat in that dress. Might be true, but i don’t think she would appreciate the honesty

  2. Andrew Clarke said,

    Yeah, he is a funny guy but what is funnier is that these are all his ex clients who have fired him for not delivering so now he is slagging them.

    This guy wolfgang even had to close his seo business (called clever marketing…no really) down this year because he was so bad at his seo stuff he even left some of them high and dry.

    Mind you wolfgangbrand is a real good salesman though (he himself is from crooked ex timeshare) because even though he has ripped these agents off several times now, some of them still use his services.

    Yep, wolfgang brand is going to go far in this world.

    At least six feet under!!!

    • Fuengirola said,


      well according to his latest article, he had been dealing with the SEO for and that seems to rank really well.

      How good or bad he is I don’t know or care really. But his argument are right even if like you say is business had to close. So good a SEO, bad at business.

  3. Andrew Clarke said,

    Just because he says he has done a good job does not make it true.

    There are two sides to every story and I am pretty sure if you ask any of his clients if he brought any tangible benefit to their business I am pretty sure the answer will be no, hence him bring fired every five minutes.

    The truth is that this guy wolfgang brand is a fraud and unbelievably he is dumb enough to publicly mock some of his clients, some of whom are connected to the wrong types of people, people who will make you disapear just by looking at them the wrong way.

    This guy Wolfgang brand is playing on thin ice with this shit web sites he has made and he is headed for destruction.

    Wolfgang brand thinks he is a hero to the public by pointing out shortcomings in his old clients web sites but they have to resort to it because of his inept practices in the field of seo.

    The sooner he is of this earth no more the better!

    • Fuengirola said,

      Wow Andrew you seem to have a bit of a grudge. So what site of your did he work on?

      let’s keep this simple. You’re happy to attack his character so I’m going to assume you are competition or an ex client/lover.

      You’re happy to attack him personally but not his work? So i’m going to go with ex client or lover. If you knew what you were talking about you should be easily able to point out HOW he’s bad at what he does.

      Please point out how he’s bad. let’s make this interesting and get others to leave comments aswell

  4. Costa del Sol property said,

    Hi “Fuengirola”,

    good see your blog is generated some interest finally.

    We, are ex-clients of Wolfgang Brand, and still to this date have occasional contact with him. About him, his personality, methods, etc… each person is going to have differing opinions on him.

    In fact he made several suggestions in regards to SEO, etc… that have proved beneficial to our agency.


    • Fuengirola said,


      you and your shameless plugs!

      Very diplomatic (as always)

  5. wolfgangbrand said,

    First of all

    If you are using the name of somebody else (Andrew Clark) I suggest you get the spelling right, otherwise it is easy to spot a fake identity.

    Secondly, none of the sites I critizes on is from a client. The only one that belongs to an ex-client is the most recent relaunch of the people that owned until a couple of days ago.

    The now owner (again after repossessing the site due to lack of payment) contracted my services again.


    Wolfgang Brand

    • Andrew Clark (the real one) said,

      Hi Wolfgang and the genuine people on here.

      Well, as Wolfgang correctly pointed out, the person who is posting as ‘Andrew Clarke’ has not even had the intelligence to research the spelling of my name correctly.

      I am the owner of and I have owned several other property related websites over the past 6 years. From day one, Wolfgang Brand has carried out the SEO for ALL of my sites.

      Yes, some people say he is arrogant and his directness can offend people, however, I am pretty much the same myself. Black is Black and White is White! That attitude can upset some people, but in business you need to know where you stand and there is no point dressing something up, it wastes time and creates false impressions.

      We sold Fiesta Property to the people who are now They paid a considerable amount of money for the business up front and were supposed to pay monthly wiithin about 2 years.

      When the purchased the business, the inherited a great, modern office. They had a really good sales team and a fantastic website that was bringing in a volume of enquiries each day that most agents on the coast would die for!

      The first “sensible” move they made was to fall out with Wolfgang and refuse to allow him to freely carry out his SEO duties, so he basically told them to go to hell …………. big mistake!!! They were then without SEO!!!!

      Well, the new people (now worked in a mobile phone factory and had NEVER sold anything in their lives. Within a few months they had lost their staff and just over a year later they were forced to close the office and we recently re-possessed the website back from them, hence they started

      I think it all started to go wrong, when the husband told all of his staff that he had ‘anal seapage’ as he had hemorrhoids. I am dead serious!!! As if you would tell all the staff in your newly purchased business something like that!!!

      Now the identity of poster using my wrongly spelt name is obvious to me as I recognise the bitterness and the attitude of her writing. No guesses for who this might be eh?

      All I can say is, they failed through not listening to professional advise and the complete inability to sell anything due to inexperience and a horrendous attitude.

      That is fine and that is the way life goes, but don’t blame everybody else for it and don’t bring up irrelevant issues about Wolfgang optimizing adult sites ………… at lease HE will make some money off the internet this year!

      If you want to see the a good commercial website, have a look in two weeks at Sorry, had to plug it! 🙂

      • wolfgangbrand said,

        Hi Andrew (The real one)

        This actually brings something else to mind:

        The website, not only the domain name, was supposed to be a guararante for the money they were suppossed to pay you. Two days before the deadline the actually deleted the site from that host hence the reason you are now forced to quickly build a new one.

        Deliberatly destroying the site, in another words: deliberatly destroying a guarantee – isn’t that sabotage? Isnt’t that actually a criminal offense?


        Wolfgang Brand

        • Fuengirola said,



          • wolfgangbrand said,


            Are you a bit “trolly” today? 🙂

            Can’t blame you finally a thread with some action. I wonder what traffic you have these three days. Most have been your best days ever.

            And lots of new links, and some user generated content.

            @Hedwige: You see that is how online marketing works nowadays. My advise of creating a blog felt on death ears at the time.

            Just to give you an idea: On I had on the thread in question, more then 500 clicks so far . I can see that about 80 clicked through to your site.

            Wolfgang Brand

  6. Fuengirola said,

    So the owners of CostaBarsSpain, are literally and figuratively full of shit?


    So what? you think this Andrew Clarke is the person/people who bought the site of you?

    I take it you’re a fan of shitwebsites too?

  7. wolfgangbrand said,

    And they just got another free link.


    • Fuengirola said,

      nothing wrong with a bit of charity to help the needy.

      Now I just need the other sites you criticized to post on here.

      • wolfgangbrand said,

        Well the shitiest one is this:

        That certainly qualifies for the shit of the year award. Reda here why:

        Watch that space, more to come.

        Wolfgang Brand

        • Fuengirola said,

          Fucking hell,

          everyone is just plugging they’re sites with free links.

          fair enough, I’d do the same.

          COME ON shitty websites, FIGHT BACK!!!!

          • wolfgangbrand said,


            On wordpress the links in the comments are usually nofollow links. So they do not make you loose PR and don’t count for the recieving site. So not to worry.

            Wolfgang Brand

  8. Hedwige Ash said,

    Well, regardless of what you all think, we know that our website is well designed and has good SEO. Brand has no idea what he is talking about and spends most of his time in a bar drinking.

    As for disgussing my Husband’s hemaroids, I think you should all learn to respect people’s privacy.

    Go away and mind your own business and let us run our website in peace.

    Hedwige Ash
    Marketing Director
    Mobile Number: (+34) 647 830 786
    UK Number: 0800 862 0473

    • Wolfgang Brand said,


      You are getting on very low level with your answers. I will keep my answers on my level and stick to talking about websites instead of starting flame wars with personal insults and attacks. Its also better for ones personal credibility.

      So here is a question for you: when do you guess your site will outrank Fiesta Property or, which I did the SEO for as well..

      At the moment I am working on this one: Its a new one, little bet on who ranks better in 3 month?

      I mean, if I don’t know what I am talking about and if I did optimise these sites half pissed, as by your suggestion, it should be a walk in the park to outrank them. When?

      By the way

      Tonight is the re-opening of Area51 a popluar Swedish bar in Fuengirola. Its now renamed to “Golden Days”. I will have a look, all fellow alcoholics welcome to join, for some casual talk about sex drugs and SEO. Opens 7.00PM.

      @webmaster: I think I can plug a bit, as without me this thread would not even exist. Having said that, I would not mind continuing the thread on I love UGC (User generated content) so does Google. The thread has record traffic so far .


      Wolfgang Brand
      Certifite alcoholic and
      Adult content creater

    • wolfgangbrand said,

      I did write a reply to this but it doest show up, Why is that.

      Wolfgang Brand

      • Fuengirola said,


        if there are 2 or more links in the text they seem to need to be moderated. Like when i put that post on your with all the links to diamond, costabars, etc…

      • wolfgangbrand said,

        Oh now it shows

        Wolfgang Brand

        • wolfgangbrand said,

          I posted another one that needs moderation.

          Wolfgang Brand

          • Fuengirola said,

            really? nothing pending. post it again if you want

  9. wolfgangbrand said,

    Hi Again

    I will boost this thread and the other a bit. Traffic is low today, so lets do something about that.

    To start with I promote it on XING:

  10. wolfgangbrand said,


    I tweed this thread as well:

    Wolfgang Brand

  11. Fuengirola said,

    Hedwige Ash,

    explain how you site has good SEO. WolfgangBrand on his site points out what he sees as mistakes, you’re welcome to counter his argument. You can always just insult him though if you want. Might not be are mature but can still be entertaining.

    • wolfgangbrand said,

      Still waiting here on an answer

      Wolfgang Brand

  12. wolfgangbrand said,


  13. Costa del Sol property said,

    Although I don’t think anyone would claim that I and Hedwige are friends, maybe the new site is a ‘work in progress’

    Although it would have made more sense to have the new site completed before being made live, I don’t think time was on their side, especially with Andrew Clark (the real one) re-posessing the site.

    • Fuengirola said,

      But Hedwige even said she was before linking fiesta properties to costabarspain a while back. so she says on shitwebsites anyway.

      she should have planned it better then. should’nt she?

  14. wolfgangbrand said,


    If that would have been the issue she would have said so.

    Also, if it would be that case she certainly would have appreciated the input I gave to implement such things on the site under construction. She didnt , she felt offended, unable to take critisism and to react to such in a mature way.

    The use of iframes in combination with the quick links on the buttom leading all the same iframed pages look intented to me.

    In adition she says “we know that our website is well designed and has good SEO” and not: “This is temporary site as we didnt have time to do it properly”.

    Both design and SEO are amateurish. Why I already pointed out in great detail on my blog.

    You come to “Golden Days” tonight?


    Wolfgang Brand

  15. Costa del Sol property said,

    Not arguing with you wolfgang. Maybe as Fuengirola has pointed out she just did not plan it right?

    And about the SEO, you know I tend to agree with most of your suggestions and ideas when we get the chance to talk. So I do not think I need get into that side of the conversation.

    no I do not think I will be going to Golden nights. thanks for the offer. Got to spend time with the family


  16. wolfgangbrand said,


    I digged both threads. is the worlds best traffic social bookmarking site, this will give you some extra traffic.

    Actually this whole thread (and the other) is a good lesson about social media marketing. You know, I am a click junkie.

    @Fuengirola: would you mind telling us the clicks this week compared to last week?


    Wolfgang Brand

  17. wolfgangbrand said,

  18. wolfgangbrand said,


    You also must get traffic from:


    Wolfgang Brand

  19. wolfgangbrand said,

    Oh yes he can.

    I am Moderator of several blogs, comunities and groups in social media sites and I use sometimes the same methods to keep a “debate” alive. hence the reason I did put a smiley behind that phrase.

    At the moment the threads get twittered by some of my followers to their followers to their followers. Both getting digged, and read on xing as I write this.

    Nice little social media marketing excercise.

    Facebook is next

    Wolfgang Brand

  20. Fuengirola said,

    Last week, 35
    this week 156 (so far)

    • wolfgangbrand said,

      Ok thats over 400% increase so far.

      Now we start with abit of linkbuilding and grab some forum traffic. This is a quick and dirty in link building, but effective.

      One of the best traffic online marketing forum on the www.

      To start with. Whoever else follows this thread. This is how you promote a thread whilst having no idea what you are doing and spending most of your time in bars to get pissed.


      Wolfgang Brand
      Know click junkie
      Puplic certifite alcoholic
      Adult content provider
      Clueless SEO

  21. wolfgangbrand said,

  22. wolfgangbrand said,

    And now, to get this a bit better in Google I use my favourite technique:

    Sheer abuse of my own linking power: I am running and writing for
    several of my own blogs. All that whilst sitting drunk in a bar and conversing with that prostitude I promote, of course.

    Some of those blogs have already a considerable linking power. I just place a link to this thread from a blog that has a similar topic:

    I used the anchor text “New Fuengirola Blog”. Thats the phrase I target. lets see how long it takes, that this thread gets listed in Google under that phrase. Google puts a lot of weight on the linktext , if that link is relevant and from a good site.

    We will see

    Wolfgang Brand

  23. wolfgangbrand said,

    Hello Hedwig Darling

    I know you are out there reading this

    Come on this thread is getting far to pro-Brand biased. I have actually almost taken over the thread and converted it into a self-promotion thread.

    You can’t allow that. Give me some shit, slap me, flame me….I love that, you know that I am a pervert. Come on, get your virtual whip out and penalize me. We know I deserve it…..we know you love that too.

    Feed the troll, I am hungry……grrrrr

    Wolfgang Brand

  24. Costa del Sol property said,

    Give her a chance. Not everyone is a webhead like you Wolfgang or ‘Fuengirola’


  25. Wolfgang Brand said,


    Looks like the thread does not spark interested anymore. So i go and look for some other shit on the web somewhere in the dungeons of the www.

    See you soon

    Wolfgang Brand

  26. Fuengirola said,

    wel I’m waiting for you to bitch about prestige-portfolio.

    Come on, pull you finger out and start criticizing!

  27. Fuengirola said,

    WolfgangBrand, looks like they’ve got bigger fish to fry than post here.

    The search options on their site are not working. I don’t beleive it, Andrew might be right (does happen 🙂 ). the site is a work in progress!

    That or its just shit

  28. John Jackson said,

    Those clowns at Fiesta Properties have only ever had 2 decent workers, one who is still working for them (why?) and one who had the sense to fuck off quick after a few months. Hedwige and David Ash ought to open a convenience store in Nania, where I would assume they would fit in perefctly well. Hedwige could sell copies of “Witch” and her ever trusty man could sell copies of “Farmer Giles Weekly”. They are the perfect reason the real estate business in Spain is going to the wall, as these 2 couldn’t sell a glass of water to a man that has been in a dessert for a week!

  29. Fuengirola said,

    wow you’re not exactly a fan of their’s are you? So you an ex-client/employee?

    • John Jackson said,

      Is anybody a fan of these two people. Who but Hedwige Ash would have “Suicide is Painless” as her ring tone! I’m sure not an ex client, so you must guess the rest. The main problem is that they blame everybody and anything for their inabilities in the real estate business and have basically offended the entire community.

  30. Fuengirola said,

    Hey that was the theme song of M*A*S*H, don’t knock it!

  31. Fuengirola said,

    Anyway if this women is a bad as you say, and she wants a death/suicide related ring tone, this might work better.
    Ring Tone

  32. Wolfgang Brand said,

    Here is whats really funny:

    One of their competitors, just one block from their office was getting their clients in his office and sold to them. So their very expensive and all SEO-ed website lured the clients over to Spain and their competitors sell to them.

    I actually did point that out to them and suggested to look at their sales technics critically. Felt on death ears again as usual.

    Wolfgang Brand

  33. Wolfgang Brand said,

    No, that was not Arriba Estates, it was John from

    Wolfgang Brand

  34. Highly Amused said,

    All this steam from Herr Brand is a bit rich considering HIS own website no longer exists – has he gone bust??

  35. wolfgangbrand said,

    Hello Highly Amused

    The Company Clever Marketing and the associated website does not exist anymore since more then a year. Clever Marketing was a company specialised in offering online marketing services to real estate companies in Spain – not excatly one of the best markets at the moment.

    So you are amusing yourself about historical data.

    If you want to see what I am doing nowadays its here:


    Wolfgang Brand

  36. Fuengirola said,

    You did have links to these ‘clever’ sites of yours till a recently though. Noticed ’em myself.

  37. wolfgangbrand said,

    Yes, and?

    It takes ome time to amend about 12.000 Links


    • Fuengirola said,

      Lazy! that like only amending 35 links a day!

      I would have thought your sites (shitwebsite, fuengirolascout, marbellascout,, etc) would take precedence. They don’t seem to have that many links.

      Looks like you’ve even missed one or 2 on and shitewebsites. Those might be the ones highly amused saw

  38. wolfgangbrand said,

    Today there are still 104 Links pointing to despite of the sites not existing anymore since about a year. You know , if you only have 5 or 6 inbound links ist not a big deal to change them :-))

    In another words: My domain that is offline since a quote long time ist still worth more then their shit website being online.

    Thats actually quite funny


  39. wolfgangbrand said,

    /me sighs

    I will look through the sites again and find them….but after I have done the really important stuff.

    Wolfgang Brand

  40. Fuengirola said,

    but you still have links from your sites going to non-existant sites. Of course changing all the links going to one of your old sites will take time to change. But you own sites that you use to market yourself and your customers, etc… should have taken priority. no?

  41. Fuengirola said,

    no one knows your priorities but you.

  42. JOHN JACKSON said,

    What has happened to Hedwige and her possee? Their website isn’t any better, no properties seem to be getting added and the Blogs are non existant. Get somebody that can actually sell properties instead of playing at it.

  43. Wolfgang Brand said,

    Just little update

    I just took over the site

    I will now further optimize it and then sell the leads

    Wolfgang Brand

    • Fuengirola said,

      Best of luck to you!

      by the by, what happened to shitwebsites? What no more shit around?

    • wolfgangbrand said,

      Little update on this one:

      Andrew pulled out the deal and made a deal with Arriba Estates instead. Therefore I decided to do this one:

      Wolfgang Brand

  44. wolfgangbrand said,


    I changed the domain to

    Its less offensive. Could you please updates the links in this thread accordingly?

    Wolfgang Brand

    • Fuengirola said,


      at some point. Either way you have plugged the site a bit in the last few posts, i-m sure they-ll find it.

  45. wolfgangbrand said,

    • Fuengirola said,

      You do like drama don’t you?

      did you

      “take advantage and added my website to your google control panel and direct traffic from my site to yours? “

  46. wolfgangbrand said,


    There is no better way to drive traffic to a site than drama. Even Matt Cutts from Google said ones: If really want traffic – start a war.

    On another note: Could you please change the URLs to my site.The doamin has changed to

  47. Cullons said,

    But is the traffic any good?

  48. Giri Loco said,

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