Madrid taxi drivers upset at proposed new regulations

September 30, 2009 at 16:02 (News) (, , , , )

Users will not have to take the first taxi in the rank in Madrid anymore. The new regulation being drawn up in the Madrid City Hall, will allow passengers to choose the taxi they want to get into, as opposed to currently being obliged to take the first one in the rank queue. Of course there are always exceptions, and these will be at at airports, and at train and bus stations.
To add insult to injury, the new rules also oblige taxi drivers to replace their vehicles at least every eight years.

The drivers association ‘GREMIAL’ said the new rules would bring ‘discrimination between colleagues over the quality of their car’. One even said that there will always be some snobby client who will prefer to get into a Mercedes rather than a Skoda.

Or maybe this will make taxi drivers up there game and offer a better service! If I go to Madrid I won’t have to take that shitty banged up taxi. My friends will be able to choose the taxi that offers children seats. I’ll be able to take the modern car or the more environmentally friendly car. It will be MY choice.

Might also make the taxi drivers be politer and more presentable. Now we just need this rule to be applied down here in Fuengirola and in general along the Costa del Sol.



  1. Costa del Sol property said,


    as a parent of 2, I hate it when my partner has to use a taxi here. The vast majority (99.99%) do not have car seats in the taxi. Which I would have thought is illegal as I need to have car seats in mine! So if I had the choice of taxis, and one chose to invest in buying a car seat, guess which I would choose.


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