Dofus and other MMORPG spam

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I’ve been getting the most random spam comments recently on my blog. For those that don’t know these comments are automatic and try to drive traffic (you & me) to a specific website. But talk about random! The content was “every dofuser needs dofus kamas, but most of them can’t find a good cheap dofus kamas provider, so it’s a problem is they want to buy dofus bawwgt will be your best choice on dofus”.

I know, made no sense to me either! But after a quick google search I’ve found out that dofus seems to be a multiplayer online game. Very nath looking in my opinion, but hey what ever your in to, your in to.

Any I’ve checked out the website the spammy post linked to and it I was quite surprised. It’s a site dedicated to creating characters in these games you want. And they appeared to cater to a large selections of games, including: World of Warcraft,  Dofus, Ever Quest II, Final Fantasy XI, Lineage II, GuildWars, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars Galaxies, Vanguard, City of Heroes and City of Villains. Quite a selection

And the site offered to do the following:

1.    Choose your game which you play.
2.     Fill in your current level & desired level, click the Estimate Button.
3.    After that u will get the price & time. Then click the Submit Button.
4.    Fill the information of your account in the Paypal.
5.    Click Submit Button again, it will take you to payment page.
6.    Register on X, if you register, you can get 3% extra discount

Talk about catering to the lazy! The whole point of computer games is to relax! Why would you pay someone to make your character in these games go from their (as per point 2) current level to a desired level. Is that not the whole FUCKING point of the game! If you can’t be arsed, stop playing the bloody game! There are other games out there you know, and you can make more online friends.

So come on, don’t use these parasites. Don’t take the easy option.

Oh and for those that have NO idea what I’m talking about, I’ve included links to all this online stuff below.

World of Warcraft
Ever Quest II
Final Fantasy XI
Lineage II
Lord of the Rings
Star Wars Galaxies
City of Heroes/Villains


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