Small drama on the Costa del Sol

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A little bit of drama, a while back I wrote a small article on a site that caught my interest. At the time, it piqued my curiosity as it knocked poorly designed websites. The article lead to a few people criticizing the owner (Wolfgang Brand) of the site as being crooked, bad at his job, etc… In the latest drama, one of his previous defenders (Andrew Clark) has now claimed to have been tricked by this gentleman. The following information has been supplied to me and I take no responsibility for its authenticity or veracity.

Dear Costa Del Sol Business People

I apologize for writing you an unsolicited email, but I felt compelled to due to the unethical and unprofessional actions of Wolfgang Brand.

My name is Andrew Clark and I operated as a commercial agent on the coast for 5 years with an office in Fuengirola. Some of you may know me from my business CENSORED and I traded with the website CENSORED.

Wolfgang Brand worked for me on the SEO for my websites and I have to say he did a great job for me. I paid him on time, regularly and quite substantially for his services. He was always knocking at my door for advances or loans, to which I would often help him – I am sure you have had him ask you this too!

I along with the clients he had back then, kept his business floating – until his bubble burst due to his lack of financial management and he seems to be starting a new project every month in an attempt to survive (which is fair enough), with the latest project being “Commercial Property Sales”.

He has a website CENSORED  and CENSORED

Wolfgang wanted to buy my website CENSORED back in March and I declined to sell it to him by way of installments as I knew he would be unable to make the repayments to me.

Wolfgang and I fell out and agreed not to speak to each other any more – to which we have stuck to and we have not been in contact since March.

Wolfgang had FTP to my website and I always trusted him and respected his work. Stupidly, I never removed the FTP access for him after we ‘parted company’.

On May 5th Wolfgang decided that he would add my website CENSORED to his Google webmaster account, which he validated via FTP to my website. He then instructed Google that my website was no longer on-line and that all traffic should be diverted to his website CENSORED  The only way I found this was that I checked our search position as we were getting no internet leads – when I checked, his website appeared for every search where my website should have been. I got my web guy here in the USA to check into it for me and he found what he had done. We then removed the FTP and rejected the changes that Wolfgang had made.

Even after making the changes back, he remained at the top of Google for 3 weeks and my site was vanished. It is now back at the top and his site is now slowly disappearing.

Imagine if I was unable to find what had happened? My site would have been destroyed! Thankfully we are at the top of Google again!

Now, this is how he acts towards me, after paying him good money for 5 years and my message to you is this …………….  just be aware of the type of man you are dealing with.

I live in the United States and have no concerns with the Coast any longer, so this is a genuine email to warn you about Wolfgang Brand. He will probably respond (not that he knows who has this email as I BCCd it!!!) with a long email telling you what a bad man I am and how wonderful he is and I agree he is a good salesman and will probably fool some people, however, what he says about me is not relevant as you are not doing business with me and you never will …….. but you are with him!

Wolfgang Brand has a history of acting with ill-repute; he served time in Prison for obtaining money by making out it was for a charity, he regularly cheats on his wife and rarely delivers what he says for his clients.

Like I said, I live 5000 miles away and have a new life, new businesses and no concerns with the CDS ………… just do yourself a favor and just watch your back if you ever fall out with this treacherous little man.

If anybody requires more information, please feel free to email me privately.

I hope business is picking up down there!

Kind Regards

Andrew Clark.



  1. alanhester said,

    Dear All,

    After reading all this, I thought I would contribute to this site, purely to warn people about this despicable creature. Being an agent on the costa del sol, I am very aware of this Wolfgang Brand. He is one very devious and dishonest man. I know for a fact that he has one of the worst reputations on the costa del sol.

    His name ALWAYS crops up when other agents warn potential clients who to avoid. Even bar owners say they have had the misfortune, to have dealt with him, and has told many clients lies, just for them to hand over their deposits. He has even conned bar owners about the price, so he pockets that bit extra, when it’s actually meant for the bar owner himself.

    I could write quite a few things on this man, from the stories I have heard from clients he has lost and that we have gained. (At the present count, we have closed on 9 of his clients so far this year, quite staggering really, thanks to his bully boy tactics and lies). I wonder if his boss knows about all this? Perhaps I should send him an email, warning him about Wolfgang? It’s quite sad and apparent, when people like him, spoil it for the rest of us, who are genuine, and take pride in giving great customer satisfaction, during and after the sale.

    Word of mouth is the most powerful and at the same time, the most damaging form of promotion in a local surrounding area, in which he operates. It can make you or destroy you financially. The way this guy operates is beyond me. Does he not realise this, that people are on his case? He has a lot of enemies on the coast, but does he care? Apparently not.

    He is either ignorant or just a down and out crook….. possibly both. It’s all very sad and makes you very angry at times, how people like this seem to get away with it, but it will catch up with him in the end, and by the sounds of it, it’s now starting to.

    The sooner this crook leaves the coast the better.

    Potential clients and business associates…….be warned.

    Alan Hester

  2. wolfgangbrand said,

    What a bunch of lies!

    How can you close 9 of our clients this year, when we have just started our real estate project ? We are still in the initial process (setting up site, getting some listings, registering SL and so forth.). So far we have had zero clients.

    Also you are not an agent here. You are living in London , I actually know because a looked up your IP adress. You are an ex employee of Andrew Clark who helps him with this smear campaign against me, posting under a fake name. – what a coward you are!

    None of the bar owners that are now on our commercial property site did pay a cent to us. We work on commission only just like every other agent.

    Bully sales technics? I don’t even do the selling. My English partner does. I can assure you, he is not the bully hard pressure type at all. The opposite is the case. I am doing the marketing he does sales.

    How can we have conned a bar owner, about the price , not having sold a single property as yet? Not one.

    Btw: I haven’t got a boss. That is how good you know me.


    Wolfgang Brand
    My real name

    • Giri Loco said,

      But if you did redirect the CENSORED to fuengirola scout should you not have got all the webleads as you came up for all the search terms fiestaproperty was strong for?

      Just looking at a few search phrases for fiestaproperty and they seem to come up strong under a lot of searches. I would assume you should be getting one way or another at least 1 client every other day, from one source or another?

      Giri Loco
      (less of a name, more state of mind)

  3. Albion Robinson said,

    On May 5th Wolfgang decided that he would add my website CENSORED to his Google webmaster account, which he validated via FTP to my website. He then instructed Google that my website was no longer on-line and that all traffic should be diverted to his website  The only way I found this was that I checked our search position as we were getting no internet leads – when I checked, his website appeared for every search where my website should have been. I got my web guy here in the USA to check into it for me and he found what he had done. We then removed the FTP and rejected the changes that Wolfgang had made.

  4. Alan Hester said,

    Dear Wolfgang

    Not that I am interested in your assumptions in who I am. I think it is laughable that you think I am associated with this Andrew Clark! Do you not realise, that he is not the only person that you have deceived? Why do you continue to lie to cover yourself? Nobody believes you, and I could not care less, if you think I am someone else, which I think is quite amusing.


    Regarding my location…and as I have said to you previously in my post on your ‘professional’ site, I have homes in both London and Spain, (I am indeed living in London) as you so correctly surmised, and it is most obvious that you should check up on my IP address, that is what you do and that is given. However, on the negative side, I was disappointed, that you chose not to publish my comments contained within my post about your sex life, as I thought it was funny, (come on Wolfgang where is your sense of humour?, oops sorry, your German) and I did not think you would mind and make it such an issue.


    Anyway, I won’t go into details of what you’ve been up to on a sexual basis. It’s not that I respect you, I don’t. You have to earn respect…..and that certainly is not based on your business ethics. I am just thinking of the site’s readers, who don’t wish to read about your dirty exploits before having their meal. Also, what you, Mr. CENSORED (great name!) and your CENSORED get up to within your company, is your business and not mine…’s just the thought of you and CENSORED sharing that poor women, is quite disturbing. Talk about mixing business with pleasure. I just hope you attract the right type of client….if you know what I mean Wolfgang!

    See you soon…..

    Yours Sincerely,

    Alan Hester
    (My real name, I’m afraid to say)

  5. Giri Loco said,

    Wolfgang you naughty boy!

    Come on get him back!

  6. Andrew Clark said,

    I thank Giri Loco for posting the screen prints on this site. The other site, owned by Wolfgang, is showing only what Wolfgang wants as he is heavily moderating it to his benefit.

    I will also point out that I do not wish to get involved in the personal attacks made by Alan Hester against Wolfgang Brand, although these posts are extremely funny and entertaining! Also, who is Alan Hester? Is he the guy that used to be a client of Wolfgang’s who used to drive the Blue Volvo? Anyway, that is not the reason for this post.

    So, without Wolfgang’s moderation, I would like to very briefly state my case for all to see.

    First of all. Yes, Wolfgang did SEO for me for 5 years. Wolfgang was/is competant at SEO, but is more talk than action and acheivement.

    The main backbone to his business was his web designer Hector who was a really good web designer. When I first started in Spain I had a couple of sites designed by Wolfgang (Hector should I say!) and Wolfgang was to carry out the SEO. These sites used to bring in some enquiries, but the traffic volume NEVER reached what Wolfgang promised he could deliver – not ever! Even after 2 years of solid SEO he never delivered the traffic he promised me. So he was good at SEO, but nothing to set the world on fire.

    I then purchased two additional, ESTABLISHED websites, one of which was Thanks to the previous owner of Fiesta (my good friend Steve – who is one of the most genuine business people I ever dealt with!) the site was already ranking extremely well with all search engines. The enquiries poured in from that site from the day I got it. Hector redsigned the site and using technology that Hector created, we had all the listings as static url pages for SEO purposes from Infocasa.

    Fiesta Property was on-line since 2002 and when I got it in 2006 it was already performing very well. Wolfgang was paid to double the traffic and even gave a contract with this figure stated on it. Wolfgang never came anywhere near this figure and I would often ask what he was doing and he would (in his usual way) tell me to mind my own business. Of course, he was paid in full.

    Now my business was thriving, we had a great sales team and were closing on so many deals that the amount of money I paid Wolfgang was a drop in the ocean, although, it was enough money to keep him “floating” and he would always be begging for money from me each week so he could pay his staff.

    He was good at SEO, but claims that he got where it is today, which is NOT TRUE. It was already there!

    Wolfgang failed in pretty much EVERY business he got involved in. He was bragging that he was the owner of a PLC company which was a Travel Agency business, which he got for free with a load of debts and was bragging that it was the start of his big business and he would use the debts for tax advantages. Well, within months, this business folded with Wolfgang at the helm!

    Clever Marketing – his empire (as he called it) was housed in an over-priced rental office – but he needed this for his huge ego – and again this was folding where he could never afford to pay his staff or bills.

    He then closed the SL as he ran up huge debts and Wolfgang was made bankrupt and IS no longer allowed to be an officer of a Spanish Company – even to this day!

    He then set up a new SL in the name of his wife, they fled the office owing a load of money to the landlord.

    Around this same time, I wanted to start a portal set of sites and agreed that Hector and the other guys he had, would program the sites for me. He was paid 30,000 Euros in cash, which was to fund the project. Instead of funding the project he wanted to flex his ego once again and he employed a load of extra staff and spent the money in getting his new office in Las Rampas.

    He was behind schedule and basically STOLE my money effectively as he used the money for other purposes. The project fell behind and I ended up taking his website as security – which is now a successful and new designed site operated by my friends at Arriba Estates.

    I refused to pay Wolfgang any more money and instead I paid the staff wages who were working on my project. This meant that Wolfgang was unable to fund the office or his “ego staff” and as such the business failed – this time with his wife being responsible for the SL.

    I repossessed the computer equipment from his office and the furniture, to reduce my damages as much as possible. The staff then worked for me, until I closed my office before I left Spain.

    Wolfgang was being taken to Court by some of the staff for failing to pay their wages from my last recollection.

    I then moved to the USA and had no real delaings with him other than the occasional email. Even after his abuse of my money and his continued failings, I amazingly never fell out with him and just moved on.

    In February this year, Wolfgang and I were talking about doing something with Fiesta Property and he wanted to buy it from me. Here’s the deal – he was going to pay me NOTHING up front and then pay me on monthly installments.

    I agreed to do it, I admit that. I then changed my mind, I admit that. Wolfgang says that I stiffed him, but I had to protect myself from exposure to this failed, self-proclaimed business person from further damages.

    I emailed him and told him that the deal was off.

    He made himself look stupid, as the very second that I agreed to sell it to him, without any written agreement or payments being made, he was bragging to the Costa del Sol that he was the new owner of Fiesta Property. He made himself look very silly (yes, more than usual) and he might have been embarassed. Actually, he loves himself so much, he probably wasn’t.

    Now, this is the relevant point to this post and this is my warning to people who might consider dealing with Wolfgang Brand:

    These are facts and I know that Giri will not edit this as Wolfgang did on his site.

    1) Wolfgang was TOLD in March 2010 that he was NOT going to be given access to the site.

    2) Wolfgang DID have FTP access to the site. (yes we were stupid to have not removed it!)

    3) On May 5th …. TWO MONTHS after he knew the site was nothing to do with him … he uploaded a file to verify himself as the site owner with google webmaster. My web guy checked the access log and we saw that he did this on May 5th!

    4) He re-directed on May 5th …. to his fuengirolascout website.

    Now, if this is not the action of a DISHONEST man, what is?

    If he is that good at SEO, why would he have to do this?

    So in the 5 years that I have known Wolfgang Brand, he as been an SEO consultant, Travel Agent, High Flyer with a Bank in Marbella (what happened to that?) and now his is a Commercial Real Estate agent.

    Such continous changes in his career path is a clear indication of his failure.

    Now he will probably rant about what an awful man I am and how I sold two businesses for a value that he considered was over-priced, although they were making a fortune, so were they overpriced? The bottom line, it really doesn’t matter what he says about me, not in the slightest. I live 5000 miles away and have nothing to do with the CDS any longer. It is not me that anybody on the Coast will be doing business with – Wolfgang is the one you might have the misfortune to deal with, not me.

    Also, he claims to have no problem with my friends at Arriba Estates – if that is the case, why did he try to destroy a website that they operate and make money from? I have now handed full control of Fiesta Property to Arriba Estates so any attacks that Mr Brand makes on this site, are not against me, they are against Arriba Estates.

    So if you are considering being a client of Wolfgang Brand, you should only do so if you are prepared to lose your money, prepared to accept under-performance and deal with his poor attitude and lack of professionalism.

    Is he a Theif? I don’t think it’s fair to call him a Theif, as sometimes a theif can be successful at what they do.

    Just take time to check about, ask other people about Wolfgang Brand and anybody who knows him well will confirm that he is a failure at business in every respect. He has no car, no house (he is in his 40s and still renting!) and no business. All he has is a few wordpress blogs, yet you have to admire him, he still puts on this front that he is a successful business man. He is a 100% complete and utter failure and will take your money and waste it.

    Like I said, I am not there, so no big deal to me in any respect.

    There are so many options when it comes to SEO, spend your hard earned money wisely and avoid this leech!

  7. Alan Hester said,

    Dear Andrew

    I am very sorry and absolutely DISGUSTED to hear about your dealings with Mr. Brand and how unprofessional and dishonest he is….. What a nasty piece of work.

    When I was associated with Wolfgang on a business level, even though I am ashamed to say, me and him did go out a few times (and do not try to deny it on here Wolfgang, it won’t work) at the bar around the corner of your old office, and of course, the legendary Bambu Bar, where he HAD TO DELETE FUNNY CONTENT DUE TO LACK OF SENSE OF HUMOUR!So if you were a brilliant businessman (in what old Pikey claims) what would YOU do with what little money you had left in your pocket when you sold your bar at the way below price that you originally paid for the bar?

    Would you….

    a) Fly back home, and try to pick up the pieces of your sad existence, due to the vast amount of money that you invested in and lost, in your failed business venture, proving that you are the David Brent of British Bar owners in Spain? (You actually look like him CENSORED!)


    b) Make another smart and uneducated business move and hook up with a man who has failed in everything but is more well known for being a German Swinger and dogging extraordinaire, than a businessman on the coast?

    Hmmmm, yep, you’ve guessed it, he chose B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He stayed on as the new comedy double act of the Costa Del Sol. Myself on the other hand, had only minor business dealings with Wolfgang Brand, which luckily,, only mildly scratched the surface. However, for him to come begging for money……and this from a man who was clearly not a personal friend of mine, but just a business associate, is just unbelievable. I could not even contemplate in asking someone for money, especially when you have just been commissioned to do a job, which you have been paid to do. I am absolutely cringing over this. Does he not have any scruples? HAD TO DELETE FUNNY CONTENT DUE TO LACK OF SENSE OF HUMOUR! (I won’t say which company you work for on this public forum Wolfgang….don’t worry, a direct link is going to be included in the massive bulk email to your ‘real estate buesiness’ associates, along with all the businesses as discussed earlier in this post, so people will know where you work as soon as tomorrow). Even some of the bars you go into will know tomorrow (I am crying as I write this, I can’t wait to click the sent button ha ha! Classic!) You may think it’s good publicity for your company…..oh how you are so wrong Wolfgang.

    Brand & CENSORED will be the most infamous pairing since, Brand & Ross. Only difference is, they were a couple of geniuses….you two on the other hand……..well you are not that thick to know what comes next. Let’s just say it’s like you, small, weak and *insipid. *(Copyright).

    Whilst on the subject of begging… I’m sorry Wolfgang, but I would not be able to walk around Fuengirola, with a business head on, trying to look the ‘big I am’, knowing that people around me, know that I have been begging other business’s for money……I take it everyone knows about this? Well I am going to tell everybody! Tomorrow morning, everyone will receive a large email, which will contain EVERYTHING, so when you leave your rented accommodation, people are going to look at you, and think….YOU ARE ONE PATHETIC INDIVIDUAL.

    I knew Wolfgang was dishonest and a bit of a joke, but this is something else.

    As I just said previously, I am going to send out a massive bulk email to everyone tonight, that I have dealt with on the coast over a period of 7 years, by copying and pasting your comments (if that is okay with you Andrew?) I would absolutely feel terrible if any of my friends and business associates had the misfortune to deal with this despicable leech. It does sound like he promises you the earth and does not deliver the goods, only to fund his own personal ‘business’ interests, to dig himself out of various holes (even though he does like to spend most of his time stuck in a hole, being a financial one or a wet one that is in prime, and in a willing position, wide open or bent over at one his regular dogging haunts in Fuengirola) paid for, with YOUR money. I also have to agree with you Andrew, that Wolfgang does have an ego, which is quite pathetic really, when he has absolutely NOTHING to back it up with. I have tried to argue my points and warn people, not to part with any of their hard earned cash or invest their money with his “services” but sadly as Andrew has quite rightly stated previously, Wolfgang heavily moderates any of your posts, which proves to be damning evidence against him.

    For Wolfgang to act as ‘big brother’ by choosing which content to publish, concerning anything that he has been caught out or exposed on, is disgraceful, and pretty piss poor. Have you heard of freedom of speech Wolfgang? or are you that desperate not to be exposed as a total crook to the sad and deluded people who look up to you, who are obviously brain washed. You even edit peoples posts, to leave out content that proves you are a liar and a fraud, instead of displaying the evidence against you. This is quite frankly, totally unacceptable, and pretty lame, sad and pathetic….just like your good self. You are a moron who lives on a false pretence, who is desperately trying to cling on to some kind of credibility, which was not even there in the first place, but only within your head, by trying to make the other person who is making these claims, look like that they are indeed the liar and not you. It’s easy to deny Wolfgang isn’t it? At least with this forum, Andrew has at last had his say, and has undoubtedly, exposed Wolfgang Brand, as a total liar and a fraud, with the evidence presented regarding this crook. And you Wolfgang must be gutted that you cannot hide the truth, which is beneficial to you. I am also posting the link to this site, in the bulk email I am going to send out. I will not divulge into how many businesses associates will have this special email I am sending out, but you are going to be very famous, which will be great for the ego….and of course word of mouth is more powerful regarding reputation, instead of buying a reputation by begging for money, to feed a non-existent ego to make you look big. More effective don’t you agree Mr. Brand? But don’t worry, your ego will be the last thing you are going to be worrying about 🙂

    Please everybody genuine, I warn you….do NOT associate yourself with Mr. Wolfgang Brand. HAD TO DELETE FUNNY CONTENT DUE TO LACK OF SENSE OF HUMOUR! but as a “businessman” he is a down and out fraud, which you would be very wise to stay clear of. I am off to copy all these posts (along with the posts which I tried to publish over on his “shit site” but he chose not to share the truth…..but don’t worry Wolfgang, I copied them and saved them before posting!). Looks like another **** people who know of you or don’t yet know of your existence of where you are located, regarding the company you now operate from with Mr. CENSORED !………..WILL NOW! I give your ‘company’ a year, based on your business ethics. (…and yes I was being generous!) I am also going to contact every real estate company on the whole of the Costa Del Sol, with everything about you…..along with newspapers, who I have a very good relationship with, and a couple of media people, who owe me some favours 🙂 The campaign, (as you call it) is going to get a lot bigger Mr. Brand and will only stop when you leave the coast…………if not, then enjoy what comes next, and that is excluding the bulk email 😉 ha ha

    This campaign has not just finished……….it has only just begun.

    I’ll be in touch very soon

    Yours Sincerely,

    Alan Hester

    PS You are most correct Andrew, I do indeed, still drive my beloved pigeon blue Volvo Estate, with the numberplate K1NG spells king!

    • wolfgangbrand said,

      I cant belive that the owner of this site allows this stuff to be puplished. This is actually illegal and I do consider taking action on this.

      Wolfgang Brand

  8. Andrew Clark said,


    I have no interest in getting involved in commenting on Wolfgang’s personal life or his business relationship with Mr Pike and what they do or do not do is not my interest or concern.

    I have pointed out to everybody what he did to me and as far as I am concerned that is all I am interested in discussing.

    You obviously have deeper problems shaddowing beneath the crevice with Wolfgang, of which is nothing to do with me.



  9. wolfgangbrand said,

    Andrew: Show the FTP logins.

    Wolfgang Brand

    • Andrew Clark said,

      Nothing more needed to show anybody Wolfgang.

      The Google screen prints clearly show that you did 2 things on May 5th 2010, which was TWO MONTHS after you were aware that you were not going to be buying/running/using the website.

      1) On My 5th 2010 you verified yourself as AN OWNER of the site and the screen print above clearly shows your private gmail

      2) On May 5th 2010 you then redirected all google search displays to remove fiestaproperty and to direct it to your site.

      These are facts in print – you can say all you like, but everybody can now see what you did.

      Andrew Clark.

      • Giri Loco said,

        send me the FTPs and i’ll post them.

        As it stands now, until you show them there will be an element of doubt.

    • Giri Loco said,

      That’s all you can say to his long post?

      Andrew Clark, send me these FTP logins and I’ll post them if you want

      • Andrew Clark said,

        I will have to see if my web guy can get a copy from the logs. I will email and ask him.

        You know what and I think you will agree ……….. the google screen print shows what Mr Brand did, right?

        There are too many stories surrounding him, people on the coast will know him for what he is!

        • Giri Loco said,

          You are right, it shows that someone with the emial brandsuarez has done the redirect and the date in the corner says 5th May. But is that the date the email was sent or the date of when it was open.

          I don’t use google webmaster tools. Blogs like this don’t need it

        • Giri Loco said,

          Yes it shows he did it but did he do it 2 months after like said or before that. On he also said something of having done it when he thought he was getting it.
          Stupid thing to do, I agree but easily fixable. I mean how fast does it take to change? minutes, hours, etc…? I assume you can change it back just as fast/long as it took the first time.

  10. Giri Loco said,

    Wow, so this is what happens when I let previously approved posters post.

    First, Alan, although very funny I do have my limits. A bit of calm please.

    next wolfgang. If you are truly offended by these remarks then i will edit the bits you don’t like. just tell me which bits.

    Also writing: “I cant belive that the owner of this site allows this stuff to be puplished.” followed by “Alan: What i do in my private live is none of your fucking business. Envious?” seems to be bit conflicting.

    • Andrew Clark said,


      I agree with you that Alan should calm it down. This threat was to discuss / show everybody what Wolfgang Brand did to our website illegally, without authorization and to demonstrate that he is a not a person to do business with.

      Although very funny (and I do not know if these stories are true or not and quite frankly I don’t care) I do think that we should keep this threat focused on the subject matter in hand and refrain from disclosing a diary of Wolfgang’s sexual activities which are nobody’s business but his own.

      I am not defending Wolfgang, but feel we should keep this professional.

      Andrew Clark.

  11. Alan Hester said,

    Dear Wolfgang

    Thank you for your reply, it is much appreciated.

    Alan: What i do in my private live (you mean ‘life’ Wolfgang) is none of your fucking business. Envious?

    Envious in your sexual adventures? (I think I have just rubbed your ego again, shit) especially when you have to admire a man who HAD TO DELETE FUNNY CONTENT DUE TO LACK OF SENSE OF HUMOUR! Oh yes Wolfgang, I am very envious in the way you operate your business, especially when it generated no money, and the only time you received money was either by deception or begging! You are meant to be operating a successful business, not a glorified German knocking shop.

    Not that I wish to discuss your sexual exploits any further, especially when you and CENSORED use your business to try and attract like minded couples…..I am very surprised, that you fail to remember me?

    However I was prepared for this, as I knew you VERY well, that you would play this old card, by saying that you don’t remember me. I cannot believe you have Demetre so early in life, so I will elaborate for you, for the sake of everyone reading or pondering, in how we know each other on a personal and what I thought was a professional basis. That was what I was led to believe…….

    This may jog your very convenient bad memory, where back in 2006, I paid you 2000 euros for the use of your SEO services to improve my then commercial website, which you promised that would boost it’s rankings and give it maximum exposure, but you never carried out the work, which I PAID YOU TO DO. We even got on outside of work, to the point we would both meet up after work and share a drink down at CENSORED and I thought we had become good enough friends, to have a struck up a good mutual trust with one another.

    However, you took our friendship that little bit further to the next step, when things between us started to get a bit more personal, and quite frankly, degrading and unprofessional, when you introduced me to HAD TO DELETE FUNNY CONTENT DUE TO LACK OF SENSE OF HUMOUR!

    Of course, based on my own business ethics, I politely declined. I would like to make it clear, that I was neither rude or made things awkward for either Wolfgang and HAD TO DELETE FUNNY CONTENT DUE TO LACK OF SENSE OF HUMOUR! However, you took it personally and cut all ties with me, where you never returned my calls or messages and never did the work whatsoever, which basically makes you a thief and a fraud. I would be most interested in what you did with my 2000 euros, no doubt you used it to pay for your staff wage bill. So yeah congratulations, you made 2000 euros for doing fuck all, so I hope you are pleased with yourself and that you are quite content with the person you are now known for in Fuengirola and the surrounding areas that you do your ‘honest business’.

    That bulk email was sent last night, so wait for the funny looks in the street, as you do not have a clue who I have sent it to…but you will soon enough 😉 and I am now posting on all the forums sites to warn people not to hand any money for any work you say you’ll do, but never materialises. Seems to be a regular pattern eh Wolfgang?

    I have given up in asking you for my 2000 euros as I have now come to the conclusion, that I will never get it back, so well done, big pat on the back for making a quick buck from my expense, when all I wanted you to do, was improve my site ranking…. hope your pleased with yourself Wolfgang. So I am going to make you pay in other ways, by exposing the degrading truth about you until you leave Spain!

    I know you have no intention of going anywhere (mainly because you cannot afford to) so I will be continuing with letting everyone know about you consistently being a con man….alongside your new HAD TO DELETE FUNNY CONTENT DUE TO LACK OF SENSE OF HUMOUR!

    I just hope you don’t treat other business associates, the same way you treated me.

    But this is where he says, I don’t know Alan Hester, he is making it all up…..really?, I am not that imaginative, to come up with all this, unless I had not known that person for 7 years on a first hand professional and personal basis……you still don’t remember do you? Pathetic.

    Anyway, what do you mean you are considering legal action…..for what? Telling the truth? But Wolfgang…..Your HAD TO DELETE FUNNY CONTENT DUE TO LACK OF SENSE OF HUMOUR! Problem is, to prove my case, she would have to get it out in court! The judge would have to ask me “Mr Hester, Have you seen HAD TO DELETE FUNNY CONTENT DUE TO LACK OF SENSE OF HUMOUR!?”

    I’ll be in touch soon……..

    Yours Sincerely, (your client & ex-friend)

    Alan Hester

  12. Alan Hester said,

    Dear Giri

    I apologise to you (not Mr. Brand) as I appreciate you letting me publishing the truth about him. I also take it as a compliment in finding my informative posts funny, regarding his sex life. Don’t worry, none of it is a big secret, he regularly broadcasts his conquests to anybody who bothers to listens. But also making people aware of his lies and deceit.

    I am glad I have put a smile on your face, that makes my day spreading a little bit of happiness. Made me smile too, when I read your nice comment.

    Wolfgang is only angry, because he can’t moderate our posts. Please… do not even worry about Wolfgang’s remarks about taking legal action, he has not got a pot to piss in! ha ha

    Great site, keep up the good work Giri….at least your a professional man, something the likes of the Wolfgang Brand’s and Laurence Pike’s of the world should strive to be like 🙂

    I am going to take a ride in the pigeon blue volvo as the weather is gorgeous here, along with half ounce of old shag to smoke, on the way to my local pub, called the old oak tree in Writtle, to have my usual pint of tungsten hermagen stout, in me nickel tankard.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Alan Hester

    • Giri Loco said,

      Hi Alan,

      I will let this stand for the moment, but be warned I have already been asked by someone to censor some of this content and I ham thinking about it. If Wolfgang does ask me to remove certain bits I will.

      You say your an agent, had a website, you hsould at least state the site, etc… because at this moment in time, although very, very funny, there is little credibility.

  13. Alan Hester said,

    Hi Giri

    I have said everything about him that I wanted to share, that he actually done….both unprofessionally and sexually.

    The reason I am not stating my old real estate company web address link on here, is because I do not want people to know that my company was ever associated with this man, in any shape or form. Quite frankly, I am ashamed to have delt with Wolfgang, and even worse to have been made a victim of his scam.

    My new company (which I am not going to post the link to either) is doing fantastically well, with a high profit turnover so far for this year. I have also not decided to post the link to Wolfgang’s current collaboration with David Brent, as people know already, thanks to the rather large bulk email I sent out to everyone last night, so no need to share it here, as I only wanted to share what this man has actually been up to, as a warning to the genuine clients and business associates in the area, who wish to make honest dealings on the coast, who should stay well away from Wolfgang Brand & co.

    Take care Giri, and be careful of these couple of crooks….Brand & CENSORED !

    Yours Sincerely,

    Alan J. Hester

    • wolfgangbrand said,

      David Brent

      Never heard this name

      • Giri Loco said,

        A gentleman who worked in middle management in england. was midly successful with his own reality type show

      • Andrew Clark said,

        Oh no Wolfgang. You didn’t rip David Brent off too, did you?

        • alanhester said,

          Your a fucking disgrace Swinger Brand….how do you sleep at night?

  14. Andrew Belles said,

    Dear all,

    I think this has all gone far enough now. For what its worth, all these things about swinging and such are unknown to me and I have known Wolfgang for about 3 years.

    I would assume the Alan Hester is trying to wind Wolfgang up. Also is there any reason to bring his wife into it? or his business partner?


    • Andrew Clark said,


      I don’t know the specifics of what Alan Hester is saying, but I do know that Mr Brand is an avid swinger and is proud of it – he used to tell everybody in my office about it. I also know that he was having sex with his employee ….. I will not publish her name as that would not be appropriate, but he used to brag about his conquest of her. You know me well and I know you will beleive that I am telling you the truth here, but I agree it is a “done” subject that needs no more enhancement (pardon the pun!).

      Andrew – you comment on this and I agree with you that there has been enough talk about Wolfgang’s carnal activities. It is nobody’s business but his! Fact! It is a personal matter that should not be debated in a public forum.

      Now onto more interesting points:

      What are your thoughts on what he tried to do to your business by attempting to destroy your Fiesta website?

      Surely you cannot remain on good terms with a man who acts against YOU in such a way?

      Didn’t he also take money for a previous web project which he never completed and it caused you a lot of distress and you had to get a third party to complete the project?

      Now this is the kind of information about Wolfgang Brand that people should read, after all, would you want them to suffer financial loss due to his “shortcommings”? (that was not meant to be a pun, but it was a good one, so I left it in! 🙂 )

      I look forward to reading your comments.

      Andrew Clark.

      • Giri Loco said,

        Didn’t he also take money for a previous web project which he never completed and it caused you a lot of distress and you had to get a third party to complete the project?

        wow thats starting to sound like a broken record!

  15. Giri Loco said,

    Hi everybody, As wolfgang said on his site, he can take it if its about him, but other should not be dragged in to it. So I have censored several of the posts.

    Wolfgang hope you find it more acceptable.

  16. wolfgangbrand said,


    I hereby officially and still friendly ask you to remove any content from your site that contains ANY statements or insinuations about my private live.

    Wolfgang Brand

    • Giri Loco said,

      are you happy now?

      • wolfgangbrand said,


        • alanhester said,

          Don’t worry, it was copied and pasted before it was censored and has now been sent to quite a few agents ha ha ha ha

  17. wolfgangbrand said,

    By the way

    The entire thread violates the wordpress TOS and some of it constitutes a criminal ofense.

    Just for your information

    Wolfgang Brand

    • Giri Loco said,

      first of all
      this does not violate the worpress Terms of Service.
      Wordpress> Defamation, abuse, threats: We only suspend content that is clearly threatening.

      Second it would not be a criminal offence. Slander and libel and non-criminal wrongdoings.

      Oh and Spanish law states

      “Calumny (slander) is attributing a crime to another knowing that it is false or with reckless disrespect for the truth. It can be punished with prison sentences between six months and two years or fines.

      The defence for a person accused of slander will be proving that the crime was committed. In such cases, the person will be exempted from any penalty.

      Insult is harming another person’s dignity, fame or damaging his/her self-esteem. Insult is only considered as a crime when by its nature, effects and circumstances, it is considered as serious. Insult will not be considered serious unless it is committed with knowledge of its falsehood or reckless disrespect for truth”

  18. Giri Loco said,

    Fair enough Wolfgang. Thought you had thicker skin?

    Your a lot less cocky about what people write when its not under you control. Shame thought you are more ‘cojones’ than that

    I assume you’ll remove the comment about ‘Alan masturbating’ on your site?

  19. Giri Loco said,

    what ever happened to

    With regards to my private live:

    I am not a christian and I do not follow or adhere to the sexual morality implied by the church to its followers. My wife doesn’t either. What exactly we do or do not is really nobodies business. I realise that many men envy my more liberal concepts and some feel offended by them. You know what?

    I don’t care.

    ahhh those were the days….

    • Andrew Clark said,

      Isn’t that basically admitting that what Alan said was actually true?

  20. wolfgangbrand said,

    No, it isnt.

    And Giri, this is getting to far. Having more liberal attitudes is something totally different and than what those ourright lies, insulting comments and deliberate exagerations suggest with the clear intention to make me look as if I had no morals at all.

  21. wolfgangbrand said,

    Good Morning

    I have a suspicion who this Alan could be:

    I had only two clients who only paid 2.000 Euro for SEO services during this time. One is a commercial property company in Torremolinos. There where two partners but neither one is called Alan. And the other is that little estate agency close to the “tres caballos” (forgot the name) that went bust and the owener went to work for a known timeshare fraudster in town.

    The reason those two only paid that is because it was only an initial payment and they defaulted on the second payment which ultimatly leads to suspension of service – thats not fraudulential thats common business procedure. You don’t pay you don´t get.

    Another thing those two had in common was they thought they would know everything better.They hire an internet marketing consultant and refuse to follow his advice – stupid that is. Thats why the projects failed.

    At the time we included redesign of websites into our SEO packages and both of these two candidates, did recieve such redesign (done by the famous hector, one of my employees who is indeed an excellent webdesigner.)

    If it was true that they paid and did not recieve anything then I wonder why they did not sue me?

    Now about Fiesta:

    He followed almost everything I suggest (we sometimes disagreed on minor details), whether that was about SEO, content, redesigns, advertising on portals ,aquisition of sites, I was always consulted and he always followed my advise. The result was a webpresence with at one stage 4 websites producing webleads every single day. Shortly after setting the initila set upperiod, there was not one day without webleads, even on week ends. There where pills of printed out web leads from people that had not been phoned yet because the leads came in faster then they could handle them.

    I did not meet traffic estimations? True, thats why they are called estimations. So fucking what? He got the leads, he sold them and made money (faaaar more then he paid me of course. Other agents would have murdered for half of them leads.

    Now Clark all of a sudden claims has nothing to do with our work? If that was true then paying me every year somewhere in the region of (ish) 10.000 Euro plus advertising must have been the stupiest thing ever heard of. So he paid me around 50.000 (ish) for nothing?

    No, nobody is going to believe that one Andrew. Renewing services for 5 consecutive years and now such claims? Naaa.

    Clark made out of a business that relied 95% on online marketing more than 200.000 Euro in pure profits, plus he sold that first company to those welsh guys for 200.000 Euro, but he retainded one of this business best asset without the buyesr knowledge of course: The website. He actually made sure that at the time the site is not in his name and asked me to register it on my company.

    Then despite of his non compete agreement with the welshes (forgot the names) you opened in the same street Fiesta Property under the name of your mother (the previous company was officially owned by your father). After some time the welsh actually denounced him and he did spend 18.000 Euro in Lawyers fees to get that case filed, because it would have made his immigartion to the USA very difficult to have a criminal record.

    Then he made another 250.000 Euro in profits (using the same online marketing consultant) with that new business (most of it black money) and sold the business to the Ashes, who he calls the “idiots”. Why idiots? Because they agreed to spend 300.000 Euros on a website, some computers and some desks.

    My point is: He has no room for comment on other peoples ethics!

    Wolfgang Brand

    • Andrew Clark said,


      Oh how did I know you were going to post that. That is SO predictable.

      Yes, we sold a business to a couple of welsh pricks and they got everything they paid for – office, 2 websites that were generating leads, plus one website that was bringing in an oscene amount of leads that I was nothing to do with Wolfgang SEO.

      Yes, they denounced myself and Wolfgang, a member of staff and my father . There was no criminal activity and if anything, it was a civil matter. I paid all the legal fees, which included me paying for Wolfgang as he had no money – so that is another 4000 euros he had off me – and it was thrown out. The welsh idiots then appealed 3 times and every time it was thrown out. I think that is pretty much concrete as civil.

      Yes, I sold CENSORED to “the idiots” – and come on Wolfgang, if we agree about nothing else, we have to agree on this – which is that was an appropriate name we both used to use ………. right? Let’s no lose our minds over this one! 🙂

      I never said that Wolfgang is useless at SEO.

      I even swallowed Wolfgang contantly begging for money.

      What about the 30,000 Euros you LOST for me Wolfgang? Let’s not forget that one.

      My whole rant on this post was about Wolfgang trying to destroy / hijak the Fiesta site in May when he had no right to do so.

      Apart from back out of a deal that I felt was not right for me, I never did anything to you Wolfgang, except pay you money for your services!

      • Andrew Clark said,

        I will also add, further to the last posts ……….. both of the businesses that we sold were very profitable businesses and the purchasers were able to see contract, bank statements and concrete figures to prove the performance of the businesses.

        My opinion is that they saw the Euro signs ………….. but gave no consideration if they had the capability of running the business and making sales.

        Would you agree with that Wolfgang?

  22. wolfgangbrand said,

    Oh shit, Giri could you edit my typos please.

    Wolfgang Brand

  23. alanhester said,

    Dear Giri

    I hope your keeping okay, and I am very amused regarding your replies and censorship requests, hilarious. Shows what desperate men those despicable creatures are and what lengths they will go, to hide there unprofessional business and sexual activities away from public view!

    It is laughable, as not only as Wolfgang, got severe memory loss, but he also now pretty deluded, as he thinks I’m somebody else ha ha ha! I don’t know who his talking about, but it’s nice to know who else he has stiffed, as exposing him is also exposing the truth about his other dodgy dealings. I will be conducting a strong worded email, which I am sending out to…..actually I won’t say who I’m sending the email out to, regarding Wolfgang Brand and CENSORED (*David Brent professional lookalike) unprofessional and sexual dealings, as they will be pathetic enough to email them and say that it’s all LIES!!!! and that they always use protection! (Don’t worry, you and CENSORED will be Bcc’d on the correspondence later today. It will involve everything already discussed on this board….but WITHOUT the censorship.

    Oh yes, talking of censorship…..Wolfgang Brand has blocked me from viewing the ‘Andrew Clark Funny Smear Campaign’! I tried to input my password several times (and even changed it) but sadly to no avail. So now, not only can I not see the new posts and view the past posts of Wolfgang ‘Swinger’ Brand, but the public cannot see all the posts on this particular subject. So well done Wolfgang, you have successfully hidden your posts from anybody who is not registered around the world. Big pat on the back…what a genius you are! Can you believe this Giri? At the same token, I bet he has kept the bit about my masturbating comments? He is one of the biggest contraindicates I have never known, and his comments in retaliation are very lame and weak….a bit like his tackle and sexual activities, which he seems to be very proud of. He moans about me telling everyone what he has said to me bout his carnal pursuits, but in other posts he talks about it quite freely and proudly…does the man have no shame regarding his unprofessional behaviour?

    Wolfgang Brand is a Cheat Devious Moderating Liar Swinger Crook Dodgy Disease Ridden Arthur Daily Delboy Trotter German Belson Silke Swinger.

    Another Bulk email is going out today to everyone on the coast, and I will Bcc Brand & Pike, so they can read the whole lot…something they won’t have the chance to censor. I am sure they will receive a lot of emails from the people I will be emailing, asking them questions about their business ethic’s and CENSORED activities, asking hem where the exact locations are. I know one of the locations id actually behind the big Mercadona supermarket in Fuengirola, where the planned market is going to be. You will find Wolfgang on the corner waiting for HAD TO CENSOR FUNNY CONTENT DUE TO LACK OF SENSE OF HUMOUR! …..and he talks about me masturbating!!!!!!!! At least I do it in the privacy of my own home Wolfgang and not HAD TO CENSOR FUNNY CONTENT DUE TO LACK OF SENSE OF HUMOUR!

    Right I’m going to make a nice cup of tea and have a nice cigarette in preparation for the next bulk email, which will be going to both BNP’s clients and fellow agents.

    If Wolfgang has not blocked me from viewing his Andrew Clark Funny Smear Campaign post and my masturbating antics, then I would not be doing this, so he only has himself to blame…..and old Pike will not be very impressed in what his got to deal with, thanks to his new sidekick Wolfgang ‘Bang’ Brand’s latest antics. Oh dear Wolfgang…what have you done! Pike will have to bend you over his desk and smack your creamy white spotty bony buttocks until you say “I am the most honest man in Fuengirola”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By the way, BNP stands for Brand ‘n CENSORED …not the British National Party 🙂

    Yours Sincerely,

    Alan J. Hester

  24. alanhester said,


    Funny you should mention TOS. Isn’t this something you HAD TO CENSOR FUNNY CONTENT DUE TO LACK OF SENSE OF HUMOUR!

    Yours Sincerely,

    Alan Hester
    (accompanied with his trusty Jack Russel ‘Jack’)

    • alanhester said,

      Wolfgang = 2am at Mercadona Car Park, Fuengirola, with lots of off the wrist activity 🙂

  25. alanhester said,

    Dear All

    Here are names associated with Wolfgang Brand:

    Wolfgang Brand is a Cheat Devious Crafty Fraud Moderating Liar Swinger deceived Failure Crook Dodgy Disease Ridden Arthur Daily PVC Leather Strap on Lube Spunk 3 somes group sex contacts no strings adult fun like minded Crabs Anal Crutons Crevice Crack Marmite Motorway Puckered Almond Rusty Old Sherrifs Badge Dirty Filthy Disgusting creature Bi Guy Gay GW Pepper Bush Watersports Bukkae couples Big Hairy Bush David Blunkett Brian Blessed David Bellamy Con Man Office Sex Secretary Pike David Brent Fake Bullshit Ears Bad Breath Gums Bad Fashion C&A Orgy Sex Parties Dom Sub Open Axe Wound Fishy Flaps Bubblegum Clit Del Boy Trotter Hairy Wife Charles Bronson German Mercadona Car Park Colditz Castle Belson Silke Swinger.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Alan Hester

    • Giri Loco said,

      I do not understand half those words.

      • wolfgangbrand said,

        They are the result of a very vivid fantasie.

        • alanhester said,

          God you are so thick Wolfgang, you mean ‘fantasy’

          • wolfgangbrand said,

            Yes, i make spelling mistakes.

            As soon as your German or at least your Spanish is as good as my English you will have room for comment:

            Wolfgang Brand

      • alanhester said,

        Trust me Giri, a lot of people understand these…and so does Wolfgang…..his a dirty old dog 🙂


  26. wolfgangbrand said,

    Alan ( Richard?)

    I know you have no class, no style whatsoever. No need to further prove that.

    Wolfgang Brand

    • Giri Loco said,

      Who’s Richard?

      • alanhester said,

        Yeah, who the hell is Richard? I think it’s absolutely hilarious that he has called me so far, Martin, then Richard…, he has so many discruntled clients and associates in his sad, pathetic and dishonest ‘career’.

        Nope, this is Alan J. Hester! Why do you keep up this false pretence, that you pretend that you have never heard of me and that you think I am those names of people you have previously mentioned. So leaves me to say…wrong again! Keep it up Wolfgang. This must be very entertaining for you to read Giri 🙂 Come on Wolfgang, we only had our last drink together 5 month ago….his got such a bad memory Giri..I can only apologise!

        Yours Sincerely,

        Alan J. Hester (with a Q or an MB Games!)

        • wolfgangbrand said,

          I have no idea than who you are, I have never heard that name in my life
          and I certainly did not have a drink with you ever.

          • alanhester said,

            Stop lying! ha ha

            Who the hell would want to speak German? Are you aware of your disgusting history? Or do you merely want to brush that under the carpet, like with what your doing pretending not to know me. You are such a failure 🙂

            Alan Hester (Readers: Drank regularly with Wolfgang at the Bambu Bar)

    • alanhester said,

      Wolfgang (Belson?)

      But I have Wolfgang! I do have style, something you will never have. The women that you have had carnal activities with, obviously don’t have any style, or standards for that matter… still banging CENSORED God she must be scraping the barrel to even want to touch your rampant member!

      Alan Hester

    • alanhester said,

      STYLE? that is hilarious coming from you. Talk about pot & kettle! Says the man who walks around looking like his living in 1979. C&A or Primart?

      Alan Hester (I wear All Saints & Abercrombie & Fitch – very expensive, take note!)

  27. wolfgangbrand said,

    Come on “Alan”

    Reveal your identity. I did, the Andrews did, just you the little coward is still posting under a false name. I dont know anybody with that name, and did not drink with you at the bambu bar. In fact I was not that often in the bambu bar to start with.

    I even checked the “registro mercantil” for your name: nothing. Whats the name of your company if you have one. Are you just an employee somewhere pretending to be a business man?

    Looks like you are not worth my time.

    Wolfgang Brand

    • alanhester said,

      Oh but I am Wolfgang….and I am going to be a very big part of your life. Trust me you are going to remember my name for a VERY long time.

      I am very smart….and you….. clearly are not, otherwise you would know who it is!

      By the close of business, EVERYONE will know about you (especially in Fuengirola) and it won’t be a case of honesty and good business practice. It will be on the basis of being devious, unprofessional, a liar, a pervert and of course…..a failure.

      I cannot wait! This is going to be the biggest promotion you have ever had in your sad and pathetic existence.

      Oh Wolfgang, everyone is going to know about you 🙂

      There is some more people who you have dealt with, who have agreed to contribute to your lies.

      Watch this space you Mercadona Superstar…………………….

      Alan Hester

    • Andrew Clark said,

      I agree with Wolfgang on this one. IF you are not really “Alan” and you really do know Wolfgang (and you are being pretty descriptive and specifc if you don’t, so I am guessing you really do know him!) then you should reveal your identity.

      It even sounds like Wolfgang, by his own admittance, knows you as he knows of a couple of people who paid him 2000 euros and there was a dispute.

      I also think we should keep this post strictly to business and even on that scale, I think we have exhausted the subject now.

    • Andrew Clark said,

      I agree with Wolfgang on this one. IF you are not really “Alan” and you really do know Wolfgang (and you are being pretty descriptive and specifc if you don’t, so I am guessing you really do know each other?) then you should reveal your identity.

      It even sounds like Wolfgang, by his own admittance, knows you as he knows of a couple of people who paid him 2000 euros and there was a dispute.

      I also think we should keep this post strictly to business and even on that scale, I think we have exhausted the subject now.

  28. alanhester said,

    Dear Andrew,

    With all due respect, I do not have to explain myself to you, regarding my relationship with Wolfgang Brand. The man is a compulsive liar. My name really IS Alan Hester, I just choose to keep my name separate from my business, as my name does not appear on the mercantile registry, due to my SL being in the name of my business partner.

    Especially when my sales team and branch managers (yes I have more than one branch) do a fantastic job. So to avoid embarrassment, I do not wish for my company to be associated with any correspondence, discussion or otherwise with Mr. Wolfgang Brand.

    Yes, that is how bad he is, and I am sure you are quite aware of his ‘reputation’ and his business ethics? It was one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made in getting involved with this fraudster (and 2000 euros lighter) and I am showing him for what he really is, a LIAR, a CHEAT, a PERV and most importantly, a FAILURE. To be honest with you Andrew, a lot of the info I have posted, Wolfgang specifically told me to keep it within the circle….bearing in mind with regards to his extra curriculum activities, I am not sure in which circle he is talking about?

    I do not wish to fall out with you over this, as it sounds like you have also been a victim, given the evidence which you have provided, which proves Wolfgang is bang to rights I’m afraid. (I bet his gutted over this, as he cannot moderate your evidence against him).

    I hope you never have to deal with Wolfgang Brand again and I can assure you, I have certainly learnt my lesson.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Alan Hester

    • Giri Loco said,


      All you done is make wide ranging implications about Wolfgang. You have not supplied any evidence. If you can show something finr, but if not stop it.

      The only reason the posts still stand is because Wolfgang has not asked them to be deleted only censored.

  29. wolfgangbrand said,


    Option one
    I suspected first Martin or Craig on behalf of you.

    Option two
    If the incidents goes as far back as 2006, it can only be Richard/Keith from CPS or Derek (Derryl?), from the litte estate agnency around the corner. To both I suspended service because of lack of payment. Richard I have never met in a bar. Derek yes, not in the bambu, but in a place in los Boliches where I occasionally went with a member of staff to drink.

    The guy had to close his office and worked in timeshare resales afterwards. Would be just about the right guy to talk about ethics !!

    Wolfgang Brand

    • Andrew Clark said,


      Craig left Spain before I did and I never heard from him since, we just lost contact and I don’t think me firing him helped our relationship! Martin I have spoken with last about a year ago and not since. I think you also know that if I was going to slag you off, I would do it myself …. at least give me that much credit!

      You can surely narrow it down, as from the detailed info they are giving, this person has been out with you socially? They must have to name bars and places etc?

      I don’t know Richard or Keith from CPS. Is Keith the guy who had the little bar in Los Boliches with the motorbike? I know he went back to the UK after I sold his bar for him, which was about 3 years ago.

      Never heard of any guy called Derek.

      I never remember the name Hester, but the name Alan sounds familiar???


  30. Giri Loco said,

    why the password protect on the smear page?

    • wolfgangbrand said,

      Because my business partner convinced me to just walk away from this immature shit. We are not here to entertain people. Tommorrow you will get a more detailed and final answer.

      Wolfgang Brand

      • Giri Loco said,

        You are right. this thread has gone way of topic because of Alan Hester.

        Its one of the reasons his posts needed to ‘tidying up’.

  31. Giri Loco said,

    Heres a question

    If CENSORED was redirected, why to fuengirolascout?

  32. Jean said,

    Hi All,

    A single word to describe Wolfgang Brand : BANDID!!

    He bought a company that I was working for a few years ago and didn’t want to pay my salary… after 2 weeks waiting on promises I took him to court!!!

    I had several harassment calls and threats from with but did what is correct: TAKE TO THE POLICE!!

    The day I had the face to face court case in Malaga when I went to get my car I saw that I had all my car windows broken… not difficult to find out who did that… specially cause my car was around another 30 cars….

    Andrew, don’t waste any more time. Print out the google webmaster tools logs(in Spanish) and take to the police.

    If you guys need help with the SEO let me know…

    BTW Wolfgang: I’m not afraid of you, if you want to see me face to face I’ll be glad to teach you how a real MAN should behave…

    • Giri Loco said,

      what company did he buy?

      • wolfgangbrand said,

        Lister Invest S.L.

        Jean was working there and was asked to be a bit patient with the last salary owed to him from the previous owner as the merger of the two operations took more time than expected. Not a big deal. I really wanted to keep him at the time as he is a reasonably good programmer.

        Then he left without notice from one second to the other in the middle of important projects including teaching someone within the company to get involved in developing a piece of software further that he developed on behalf of the company (For which he got paid for!)

        Before he left he has stolen a copy of that software.

        The window of your car has nothing to do with me or any of our associates. We are not criminals. The calls you recieved where abourt retourning what you have stolen, little thief.

        Oh and don’t make silly threads insinuating that physical violence being manly, well maybe where you come from (Brazil) this might still be the case.

        Wolfgang Brand

      • Andrew Clark said,

        He didn’t buy a company. He conned a FREE company out of this guy who had a load of debts. Wolfgang Brand never buys anything!

  33. wolfgangbrand said,

    My last Post on this topic

    As a German with a good sense of humour, I do enjoy a good banter, but when one of the key contributors is quite plainly hiding their identity and that is clearly apparent to all parties, then the banter becomes less humorous and more a personal vindictive assault.
    For that purpose, I will end my contribution with a series of facts.
    Alan (or whatever his name is) seems overly pre-occupied with my sex life and this is something I have never made any secret of and this has no bearing on my work life so it is irrelevant.  I will let the reader make up their own mind  as to whether Alan is repulsed by my prior activities or whether he is jealous, I am unable to decide.
    My new colleague, Mr CENSORED (I have now googled David Brent and he has no resemblance at all) does not warrant the abuse levelled at him in Alan’s posts and it is clearly the ranting of a man set upon winding up as many people as possible.  He did indeed run CENSORED Bar for over three years and it was a good business which he sold earlier this year as his girlfriend is expecting their first child.  As most business values have dropped in the last few years, I expect he sold it for less than he paid for it, so what?  What is that to Alan??
    He smoothed over the initial LIE regarding the nine customers he stole from us so far this year.  Doesn’t this take away any other credibility from his accusations?
    His assumptions about our new company are also wrong.   We take no fees from bar owners for the sale of their bar, in fact, no up front fees at all.  Our fees are clearly defined and are only payable upon completion of a sale. In fact our business model is very similar to the one Andrew Clark had with the difference that we will not charge abuse commissions as he did on occasions.

    My role within this company is as an SEO, and all aspects of the website operation, advertising campaigns as well as legal aspects and accounting of the company.  My other colleagues (plural) are responsible for all aspects of listings, sales and coordination wiuth gestorias in case of a sale.

    In other words they are the front people, I am the one in the backoffice.

    With regards to my alleged illegal activity with CENSORED  Andrew has failed to prove me accessing the server at all, but most importantly first he consents to make me the siteowner and then forgets to rewoke it.. His fault, do your home work! Just like your welsh budies, the Price Jones. They did not remove the email addresses in the contact forms of the sites you sold them, what did you do with all those enquiries that were clearly not yours?

    You are the right man to judge over business ethics, sure! (EDITED PER REQUEST)
    I have been guilty, this afternoon, of pandering to a liar and fuelling his fire.  That has been a mistake as I could have been doing something productive.  Myself and Andrew Belles, quite clearly have an issue which we need to resolve, and I am sure that we will do just that in due course.  However, I am not going to continue on this forum, discussing out of date topics with someone too shallow to even reveal their identity.  After a short time of looking at the facts, I have narrowed it down to two people, neither of whom have an enviable reputation of the Costa Del Sol, and equally, neither of whom should be the first to throw stones where the topic is honesty and integrity.

    I have no more to say in the matter.

    • wolfgangbrand said,

      “You are thje right man to judge over business, sure!”

      This should read:
      You are the right man to judge over business ethics, sure!

      Please correct and delete the reply



    • Andrew Clark said,

      OK, so we have seen Wolfgang Brand’s last post on the subject.

      First of all, I agree that Alan Hester has clouded the water by discussing the sexual activities of Wolfgang Brand which is not relevant to this topic. I think that if Alan has been ripped off by Brand, then he should stick to the content matter of that, which is in keeping with this thread.

      Wolfgang Brand is a known failure in business. As previously mentioned, he has a history of business failings and on most occasions he does this with business partners or investors, he rarely uses his own money to start anything up. He is a financial leech and is always seeking a way to get somebody to front the money and using his good sales skills (I will give him that) he convinces them that his knowledge is his investment. EVERY SINGLE business venture he has embarked on has gone wrong.

      Wolfgang: shall we invite Sandra to discuss her business venture with you?

      shall we ask Roger to discuss his business partnership with you?

      shall we ask Hector about the work you got out of him for virtually free in return for you giving him shares in a company that was worthless and going broke?

      shall we ask Pedro about his employment with you?

      shall we ask Andreas about the website you made he finish where you took all the money upfront, blew it and then had him do it and never paid him?

      How about we ask your previous landlords of the various offices you absconded from about how you left them huge rents outstanding?

      Why can’t you be an adminsitrator of a Spanish SL? Oh, it is because you are banned from being one due to reckless behaviour as an officer of a company.

      Wolfgang Brand has failed in everything he ever does. He takes people’s money UPFRONT (they are always the terms) or a lump upfront and then proceeds to blow the cash and rarely delivers what he says he will.

      As previously mentioned, Wolfgang brand TOOK 30,000 EUROS of my money and STOLE IT. He never did what he was paid to and allowed his company to fold and leave me with nothing for money. I consider that theft.

      Brand will openly brags that he made a lot of money in Germany. He (and his brother I think??) had a disabled artist design greetings cards at seasonal times of year. He then got a group of homeless people to go about to residential addresses selling these cards. Sounds a normal business, right? The only thing with it was that Brand was making out that the proceeds of the card sales were going to a REGISTERED CHARITY ………….. yes, a charity! He was arrested, charged and sent to prison. What a nice, genuine man! But, he puts on a good front!

      There are many other people who will tell you about Brand and his business antics and how he has done things to annoy them. This is partly what caused the demise of his previous businesses. He has now found a new partner CENSORED, who will soon realize what he is dealing with I am sure and I hope he does realize before it costs him money and his reputation.

      Let us not forget that this thread was started over the email I sent out to all of the agents I know, some of whom were/are clients of Wolfgang, warning them about what Wolfgang Brand did to the website

      The bottom line here is that Wolfgang Brand was clearly made aware (much to his annoyance) in March that he was NOT going to have anything to do with Fiesta Property website in any way. I think this is a clear and accurate fact.

      Yes, we were stupid and FORGOT to remove the FTP which Wolfgang had previously been given when he was carrying out SEO work for me.

      The FTP log is not available as my web guy deleted the FTP account and with that went the history for that account. OK, so Wolfgang could argue that he never had FTP and it is up to you (the reader) to decide your view.

      The screen prints at the top of this page show the date that he added himself as a verified owner and also the date that he forwarded the site to his fuengirolascout site. This can easily be clarified by anybody who doubts the date, verify a site of your own in google and then have somebody else verify themselves …. you get a message showing what somebody else did.

      In this case, Wolfgang Brand verified himself as an owner of the site on google on MAY 5TH 2010 …………… TWO MONTHS AFTER HE KNEW HE WAS NOT BUYING/USING THE SITE.

      On May 5th 2010, he diverted all google traffic from fiesta to his own site.

      These are clear facts that demonstrate that Wolfgang Brand is a dishonest individual and this act makes him a theif. He then shows that he is a liar by denying his actions.

      What makes me laugh is that he still tries to make it sound like he has done nothing to my friend Andrew Belles, yet his actions against fiesta affected him far more than me and he openly threats that he is going to “sobotage” CENSORED legally. What kind of person does this make Brand?

      The bottom line again …… Wolfgang brand, redirected CENSORED to on May 5th 2010 without having the authority to do so.

      He did this illegally and without permission.

      These actions clearly demonstrate that he is a devious individual who will stop at nothing to get his own way and this is how he treat a person who paid him for 5 years? What would he try and do to somebody he has no affiliation with?

      Avoid Brand and save your money!

  34. Giri Loco said,

    Hi Wolfgang,

    before I go to bed (night worker) I just wanted to say you have been a good sport.

    I have warned Alan about his posts (see above).

    When/If I keep those fpt logs I’ll inform you

  35. Giri Loco said,

    Andrew, why did not not revoke wolfgangs access months ago?

    • Andrew Clark said,


      Simply that we forgot. We were idiots!

      That being said, I think you will agree with me that even though we forgot, which was very stupid, this did not give Brand any right to abuse this access on May 5th to sabotage the fiesta website. Do you agree with that point?


  36. Jean said,

    Yes I have evidences that you’re a criminal.

    You forgot to mention that I won the case on Malaga’s court and the judge didn’t believe in your lies…

    If I come from Brazil or from China doesn’t change the fact how a MAN should be…

    The “Juzgado” in Fuengirola knows Mr Wolfgang very well if you just ask for his police report you can find out what kind of person he is…

  37. alanhester said,


    Alan, sorry to do this but you were warned.

    I will reinstate the comment if you decide to ‘reveal’ yourself in more details.

    • alanhester said,


      The most revealing post and you choose to not show it, what a cover up!!!!!!!!

      I was going to suggest that Wolfgang was paying you….but everyone knows that he is broke.

      He may have you brain washed but I will post this everywhere else.

      Yours Sincerely,

      Alan Hester
      (My real name, so I have revealed myself but you have chosen to believe a fraud, unreal)

      • Giri Loco said,

        no i don’t choose beleive a fraud.
        You talk about protecting your business on the coast, as you don’t want people to know of your company’s association with wolfgang. Especially after the things you claimed he does. What about all the other companies mentioned here? Damaging their repution is ok?

        Also the only bit of information you gave ‘revealing yourself’ was
        “about in two locations, one being my office and the other at the German restaurant, Kudamm, which Wolfgang, Hector , Andreas W and myself used to go for our lunch. ”

        This only shows you repeating names adnrew clark has mentioned. Exepct for the Andreas, where you’ve added a W. either a typo or initial of last name.
        And then you mentioned a restaurant that can be easily found on one of wolfgangs blogs.

  38. Giri Loco said,

    Also you claim to have given him this 2000 upfront? Why?

    I would have thought that for any job to do with reworking a website would be paid in instalments. Like a builder you pay in stages.

  39. alanhester said,

    Dear Giri,

    Well, this is what normally happens in business, when you commission someone to carry out the work and you pay them a deposit, followed by initial instalments based on their ongoing work on your project, but Wolfgang insisted on receiving the whole 2000 euros and that I would get a ‘premium rate service’.

    Foolishly, I believed him and he never continued with the requested work, which I had paid him for.

    Our business and personal relationship turned sour shortly after that.

    I no longer wish to post anything else on the subject and also on this board, as I think I have said enough about him, but I will continue to else where until everyone he has conned is satisfied, as it’s just not ethical in how he keeps getting away with what his consistently doing…..he is very devious but he is NOT clever.

    Thank you Giri and all the best,

    Alan Hester

  40. censored said,


    • Giri Loco said,

      Dear ‘Censored’

      in request for privacy I will review (once again) Alan’s posts and see what I missed the first time round.

      Obviously I had to remove you post as if I left it, your privacy would not be secured.

      In regards to the spanish expat site you mentioned, I would recommen reviewing it, need some work.

      I will not block Alan Hester, as all he eould need to do it alter his IP address and repost. I will hold his future comments for moderation though.

  41. wolfgangbrand said,

    Hi Giri

    This whole thing stimulated my creativity at least and I came up with yet another website. No, not a blog this time. Alan Hesters envious and imaginative comments about my sex life made me think about making some money with sex. No, I am not opening an escort service but why not promoting an adult dating site?

    Hence i signed up for an affiliate programm, set up a domain, a site and will SEO that site for relevant key phrases. That should make a couple of bucks.

    Here the site:
    http:// www.


    Wolfgang Brand

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