High Spain

June 19, 2010 at 21:18 (fuengirola) (, , , , )

Been exploring the town a bit today and I’ve made the best discovery ever! A pot store. Right in the middle of town! Not hidden in the back streets, not claiming to sell the seeds as collector’s items, but a full blow pot store with seeds, compost, fertilizers, lamps, etc… Unbelievable! It is perfectly legal to grown your own marijuana in Spain. As long as its for personal consumption only.

The idea behind the law is that if only for consumption its not particularly harmful, only when your funding a criminal group. Might not work in practice though quite a few people sell small amounts of weed or hashish down here. I just assume the ‘farm’ was illegal. But there also seems to be less of a ‘mystic’ about it.

Like alcohol. Its something you might enjoy in moderation. Not like in many of the other places ive lived!

So anyway, looks like ill have a small project in March/April, the time I’m told is best to start growing outside. As I understanding I should not have more than 3 plants really. Anything more might be considered as with intent to sell.


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