Spanish air-traffic controllers strike

December 4, 2010 at 12:10 (News) (, , , )

As I am sure many people have heard Spanish air traffic controllers are on strike. Literally all flights in Spain are grounded and thousands of passengers are stranded. The air traffic controllers are involved in a dispute about their working hours, but have been further angered by austerity measures passed by the government on Friday which would partially privatise the country’s airports.

Workers wanting to protect their rights are an understandable motivation for strike. Especially when you are under-paid and over-worked.

But what many people don’t know is:

“The average basic salary is €200,000 (£176k), but most workers double or triple this by working overtime.

Of 2,300 controllers, ten were paid between €810,000 (£725k) and €900,000 last year. A further 226 were paid between €450,000 and €540,000 and 701 were paid between €270,000 and €360,000.”
I’m sorry, why are they striking? Its obviously can’t be due to the pay, most people would kill for that sort of income! So maybe it’s the working hours?

“In Spain, air traffic controllers work 12-hour days made up of two four-hour shifts and two, two-hour rest periods.”

My heart bleeds for these poor men and women who are work under such slavish conditions!

There have even been threats by the government creating a state of emergency to force these people back to work. So they bloody should, how dare they strike! If they are not happy with the pay, maybe they should quite their job and go find some other work? No not going to do that are they? Maybe working 40 hour weeks and receiving 900€ a month, might teach them to appreciate how unbelievably lucky they are, because at the moment they seem like bloody spoilt children!

Air-traffic controller strike

Air-traffic controller pay, hours, etc..


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  1. tn noticias said,

    Thank you for the post. It gave me an idea about the job of air traffic controllers.
    We should exercise our rights specially if we are on the right side.

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